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1969 Arpanet is founded
1970 ALOHAnet connects computers using packet radio signals
1974 TELEnet is created as a commercial "twin" to ARPAnet, TCP protocol created
1977 Internet is truly born as networks are interconnected using TCP
1976 UUCP (an alternative to TCP) is created by AT&T's Bell Labs
1979 Usenet created using UUCP
1981 BITnet created by CUNY and Yale using IBM's connection protocol, CSnet also created
1983 All ARPAnet servers were switched to TCP/IP protocol, name servers also added to the network
1984 Domain Name Servers introduced, Apple makes the first Macintosh computer
1986 NSFnet created
1988 NSF considers commercializing their network
1989 STD connects to UUnet
1991 CIX founded, High Performance Computing Act is passed,
ANS (NSF's contractor) converts to T3 lines and founds CO+RE
1993 National Information Infrastructure Act is passed, NSF reinterprets their AUP,
STD offers first ISP, Internet is effectively commercialized


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